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The courses are designed to enable the development of signing skills and to give an insight into deafness and the part that British Sign Language play in communication. Most of the course will be taught by using British Sign Language.

This will be done in different ways: watching and responding to demonstrations of signing, taking part in pairs and group learning and practice role play to communication scenarios using BSL, reading articles and handouts from your tutor.

Level One

The Course consists of three units:

  • Receptive skills in BSL
  • Descriptive Skills in BSL
  • Conversational skills in BSL
Level Two

The Course consists of four units:

  • Receptive Skills in British Sign Language
  • Developing BSL Presentation Skills
  • Understand and take part in routine conversations in BSL
  • Understand and use routine BSL in everyday contexts
Level Three

The Course consists of three units:

  • Understand Varied Signed Language in a range of work contexts
  • Sign using varied language in a range of work contexts
  • Interact with people from different countries or diverse cultures
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